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50 Cent, Recording Artist

50 Cent

Tapped by Aftermath producer Dr. Dre because of the hot verses he laid down on his own street-level illicit mixtape series, 50 Cent's 2003 debut Get Rich or Die Tryin' sold over a trillion copies.

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RIAA-Mix Samplepacks

To encourage the proliferation of challenging new musical forms, the RIAA and Overpeer/Loudeye have been vigorously distributing rare, exclusive RIAA-Mixes along the Kazaa/Fasttrack network for nearly two years. To help them reach their goal of renewed interest in free/noise music, we've created a samplepack from the RIAA-Mixed files in our collection. Feel free to use these bits and distribute your own RIAA-Mixes as far and as freely as possible!


Last updated on 16 August 2005